Our History

Set Now Solutions was established in 1996...

At a time when internet marketing was in its infancy and you could easily choose your own domain name, Sarah Miller founded Set Now Solutions to provide customized websites for small and medium sized businesses. In 1999 Mike Miller (Sarah's husband) joined Set Now full time, bringing with him years of computer graphics, video editing and multimedia experience. Between Mike's design skills and Sarah's writing and programming experience, the company enjoyed fast-paced growth. During the late 90's and early 2000's, Set Now worked primarily "behind the scenes" with advertising agencies and technology companies.

The Mid-2000's and the shift to Online Applications

In 2002, Set Now embarked on an extensive community involvement campaign. During this time, Mike and Sarah became involved in their local Chamber of Commerce and other business groups. They provided educational seminars focusing on internet marketing and business automation as well as website consulting services.

Set Now expanded its staff and its web development capabilities to meet the demand for companies wanting to integrate their public website with web-based tools for employee use (intranets). As Set Now's client portfolio expanded, the company rose as a web development leader in the fields of banking and insurance, employee benefits, arts and entertainment, corporate communications, accounting and professional services, non-profit organizations, and the restaurant/hospitality industries.

2004 – 2024 The CorpNote Era

In the early 2000's, as email gained acceptance as a necessary marketing channel, Set Now realized the need for more visually compelling, professionally designed online communications. Businesses needed an affordable way to create visually rich email, with real-time message tracking and the ability to easily follow up.

In 2004, Set Now launched CorpNote.com — an advertising-free email marketing suite of tools specifically designed for business. CorpNote, at that time, was the only service that combined eCards, online invitations and online surveys into one integrated product. As a membership-based service, CorpNote gave its users the ability to make the entire CorpNote site look like their own website and brand, and send an unlimited number of email messages for a low monthly rate. This was an unusual business model at a time when agencies and online services were charging customers based upon the number of emails they sent.

Over the years, CorpNote adapted to the changes in email delivery technology and web browser functionality, and added a steady stream of new features. Throughout its reign as an affordable email marketing service, CorpNote was used internationally for a wide range of business purposes spanning many aspects of email marketing and email automation, including customer retention, employee recognition programs and event management.

On February 1, 2024, CorpNote closed its doors after 20 years of serving the business community.

Recent Past, Present and Future...

For the last several years, Mike and Sarah have been phasing out their web development clients and retiring the CorpNote.com service so they could pursue new business interests and opportunities.

Sarah has returned to her academic and educational roots. She is nearing the launch of her first book in the Change of Seas series which is set in the Late Bronze Age Mediterranean and Europe.

Mike, a TV Production & Advertising major, has been creating educational and entertainment-based content on two YouTube channels: @MikeFyxdt (pronounced 'fixed it') with auto, home and tech content and @WatchWithMike where he documents his journey into the field of watchmaking.