'Hello' from Sarah Miller!

Sarah E. Miller

President and Founder of Set Now Solutions

Business Background: After college, I began my writing career focusing on producing technical manuals, articles, and marketing copy for a variety of clients. In the early 1990's, I discovered that the internet enabled companies of all sizes to easily and affordably communicate their message to a large audience. I started applying my writing and analytical skills to creating web site content.

In 1996, I founded a website development company, Set Now Solutions, which became a leading providing of internet marketing and technology solutions in the Northeastern United States.

Business Experience:

New Ventures: Change of Seas historical fiction series

In college, I learned about a sophisticated Bronze Age culture on the island of Crete where they built massive administrative complexes that were surrounded by thriving towns with mansions that had indoor plumbing and other modern conveniences. They had festivals where they wore elegant clothing and their tradespeople produced finely crafted pottery, textiles, wine, olive oil and luxury goods that rulers from other lands coveted. Their busy sea ports traded internationally and they kept detailed written records of transactions.

Then something went horribly wrong. Their amazing achievements were suddenly lost to the Greek Dark Ages where they faded into myth. I needed to know what happened?!

Please join me on my quest to find out. On the Change of Seas YouTube channel, we'll take a deep dive into the lives of the people of the Bronze Age. I'll explore their technology and science, art styles, what they traded and most importantly how they were all interconnected.

Off-line: Is that mud on my shoes? It very well could be! When I'm not digging in the garden, I enjoy traveling, reading, photography, sketching and painting.